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Britain's 50 New Radicals

Maslaha has been named as one of by Britain's 50 New Radicals by The Observer and NESTA. In partnership with the Observer, and using an expert panel of judges, NESTA have identified who they think are the people and organisations who are changing Britain for the better; those applying fresh approaches in practical and scalable ways, through social, technological, scientific and artistic methods.

Find out more about the thinking behind this initiative here.

For the team at Maslaha this is an especially important achievement: the association of an organisation that works with Muslims with the term 'radical' is normally something that is surrounded by an air of fear and suspicion rather than celebration.

We work with disadvantaged communities across the UK and increasingly internationally, our team is diverse and we bring together a variety of talents to meet social needs. We believe that reminding people that Islam can also be synonymous with social justice and charity is an important step towards challenging divisive negative stereotypes.

'Maslaha' itself translates from Arabic as 'for the common good' and this principle lies at the very heart of our work. Our projects provide practical and positive support for unheard voices and marginalised communities. We use creativity and an innovative approach to bring together a wide and varied group of people to create a movement around addressing a need or celebrating inspiring stories and ideas.

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NESTA and The Observer recognise Maslaha as one of the organisations which is changing Britain for the better.