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Maslaha in the media

Coverage of Maslaha's projects and people in the local, national and international press

Muslim Girls Fence project coverage - our Muslim Girls Fence project which we launched in December 2015 has been receiving wide media coverage including:

BBC Radio 2 'Good Morning Sunday'- Latifa appeared on the show as the faith guest in May 2016, she'll be back on the show in September! Raheel has also appeared as a frequent guest on the Sunday morning show.

Huffington Post - Muslim ex-prisoners say guards called them terrorists and they shaved off beards 'for shorter sentences' (March 2016) 

The Guardian - Rules to fight extremism 'creating fear among pupils and teachers (Jan 2016)

The Guardian - Prevent strategy 'sowing mistrust and fear in Muslim communities' (Feb 2016)

British Medical Journal (BMJ) blog - Practical implications of working with diverse communities (April 2015) 

British Muslim TV - Maslaha were interviewed on two episodes of British Muslim TV's 'Sister's Hour,' talking about our work in the criminal justice system and on gender equality and cultural competence in health care (February 2015)

BBC local radio - Sarah spoke about Dementia and faith communities on the Sunday Breakfast programme of eight local BBC channels including Cambridge, Kent, Nottingham, Stoke, Newcastle and Derby (October 2014)

Clinks blog - 'How do we tackle the root causes of offending among young Muslims?' (September 2014)

BBC Asian network - a report on our project All We Are addressing the root causes of offending and re-offending among young Muslim men was featured on BBC Asian network (September 2014)

Hepatitis project coverage - our project around the high rates of Hepatitis B and C amongst British Pakistani communities, Understand Hep B and C, launched in 2014, received coverage in a range of publications including:

Public Spirit ‘Understanding the ‘complete’ patient: faith and mental health’ Sarah Hobbs (May 2014)

Islam and feminism coverage - our Islam and Feminism project, launched in March 2014, recieved broad media coverage across a range of national and international press outlets including: 

Feminist Times - 'Whose Islam? Whose Feminism' Latifa Akay (May 2014)

Talking from the Heart coverage - our Talking from The Heart project recieved broad media coverage across local and national press including:

Oman Observer - 'Forum focuses on learning and sustainable growth'  (December 2013)

City A.M. - 'Microfinance can drive growth but hurdles remain' (October 2013)

City Speaks coverage - Maslaha's City Speaks exhibition (2012) which travelled across cities in 9 countries including Maribor, Copenhagen, Geneva, Athens and Berlin, was featured in local press in every country including WAAWBunker, Tedx Berlin

I Can Be She (ICBS) coverage - in 2011 our ICBS project received coverage in:

Open Democracy - 'Language, health and migration' Raheel Mohammed (November 2010)

Evliya Celebi 'The Book of Travels' exhibition coverage - this exhibition, launched in 2010 in collaboration with the British Council, received coverage in:

The Guardian - Raheel was featured in 'Vox pop: Wise words from innovators' in the Guardian Society (2009)

'Diabetes in Tower Hamlets' media coverage - this project was covered across a range of local and national media including:

Cities of migration webinar - Maslaha was the featured subject of the second webinar in the Cities of Migration 2009 Learning Exchange Series. Participants from 16 global cities joined the virtual conference, including Toronto, Los Angeles, Seattle, Madrid, Bellevue, New York City, Columbus and Chicago, for discussion around ‘supporting Muslims through the everyday dilemmas of life.’ Listen again through the Cities of Migration website.  


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Coverage of Maslaha's projects and people in the local, national and international press