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We are free to witness - sign our open letter


Call to Action - Our children and communities are bearing witness to the injustice and destruction of lives in Gaza. We are seeing our children being policed, punished, harassed and silenced in their declaration of solidarity with the Palestinian struggle for liberation. We will not be silenced in the face of oppression. Sign our letter

The Need 

The Government, police and structures of power are disturbed and unsettled when they see our communities who are routinely dehumanised and silenced walk and speak out for their freedom and dreams.

The Department of Education guidance is encouraging schools to discipline students who express solidarity with Palestine through suspensions, exclusions, referrals to Prevent and other sanctions.

This will only further create division in our communities and will not help the increase in Islamophobia and anti-semitism. Schools have a duty of care which should prioritise students’ physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.

This is our call to action, because we know the oppression of one community always leaves another unsafe and we see this not only in Gaza but also here. We see the colonial muscles of divide and conquer being used right now and we refuse to play that game and to be silenced.

We know that we stand on a history built on fighting all forms of oppression, racism, anti-semitism and Islamophobia. This resistance has always been strong and will continue to be renewed and endure.

What We Did 

We worked with parents, educators and young people to create this call to action, to mobilise around Palestinian solidarity to centre anti-racist practice and solidarity in education and movement. Please sign here to help mobilise and make sure we will not be silent in the face oppression because of none of us are free until Palestine is free.

Signed by


The Lantern Initiative

Displaced Collective

Release UK

Aziza Husain, Mum of 3, SLT in a primary school setting

Zenab Ismail, Mum of 3, Driver

Sudha Sreedharan, London Borough of Newham, Education

Sarfaraz Mulla, Father of 3, IT support in education

Farid Shafi, Father of 3, Brokerage

Robina Patel, Mum of 3, Lunch supervisor

Aishah, Mum of 3, Nursery practitioner

Anisa Patel, Mum of 2, Careers Advisor

Zaynab Patel, Mum of 4, Teacher

Shireen Shaikh, Mum of 3, Business analyst

Zaheera, Mum of 3 , Lawyer

Faisal Hassen, Father of 3, Entrepreneur

Sarah, Mum of 1, Retail

Munira Suleman, Mum of 2, Teacher

Jelani Ahmed, Father of 2, Local Authority

Sahjida Suleman, Audiologist

Zineb Amghar, Mum of 1, Education

Niamh Eastwood, Legal services

Syed Zain Haider Zaidi, Engineer

Tarek Younis, Father of 3, Senior Lecturer

Hunainah Mansuri, Family Worker

Joan Hall, Education advocacy

Suleman Amad

Fayyaz Patel, 3 children, Local government Authority

Osman Bari, Designer

Samir Saleh, Father of 2

Abdul Hai, Father of 3, Charity

Farhiyo, Mum of 4, Primary school teacher

Habibullah Chand, Dad of 3, Management

Munzar Sharif, Trainee Clinical Psychologist

Saleh Mohamed, Trainee psychologist

Amani Hassani, Mum of 3, Academic

Sabera Ismail, Madrasa teacher

Saeed Molvi, Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service, Father of 2, Emergency service

Kiran Javid, Mum of 3, FE Teacher

Fazil Khan

Zahra Bei, No More Exclusions , Mum of 2, Education

Waqas Tufail, Leeds Beckett University, Father of 2, Academic

Kevin Meehan, Father of 1, Computor's

Haj Liaquat, Higher education

Saira, Student

Hanain Brohi, Academic

Allia Fredericks, Maslaha

Razan Alshehri, Doctor

Aneela Husain, Mum of 3, Teaching Assistant (primary school)

Emilie Palamy Pradichit, Lawyer

Yvette Alberdingk Thijm, Civil Society/Human Rights

Constantin Symsiris, Artist

Catriona McDermid, Mum of 1, Educational researcher

Farzana, Mother of 2, PhD student and Writer

Amber Smith, Youth Projects Coordinator

Hannah Hutchings-Georgioi, UCL, Education and the arts

Saba Shafi, Youth Organiser

Amirah Akhtar, Founder of Ramadan Challenge, Mum of 2, Activist

Sasha Baker, Journalism

Roger King, National Education Union, Father of 3, retired teacher


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