Girl Behind a Sheet

Alaa Alsaraji

Project Manager

Alaa is a project manager at Maslaha’s Muslim Girls Fence project, delivering projects in schools and community settings, with a focus on physical activity and creativity. 

She has worked with various creative and educational organisations as a facilitator delivering creative workshops with children and young adults aged 6-18. Throughout her various roles her work always seeks to emphasise the value of using creativity as a pedagogical process to address and explore larger issues young people and people from marginalised backgrounds may face.

Whilst focusing on developing and delivering projects as a facilitator, she has also maintained developing her own practice as an artist and designer with a focus on digital illustrations. 

She is also the Arts Editor of  Khidr Collective, a multidisciplinary artist collective creating platforms and spaces for young Muslim creatives through the annual Khidr Zine and online platform.