Girl Behind a Sheet

Lauren Nickolls

Senior project manager

Lauren is Senior Project Manager for the criminal justice programme at Maslaha. She has a BSc in Criminology and Criminal Justice from Birkbeck University with a particular interest in gender, race and control and alternatives to justice.

Before joining Maslaha, Lauren worked as policy officer at Clinks. She co-authored Time to End the Silence, a research report on the experience of Muslim people in prison. The report shone a spotlight on the institutional racism in the system and the ways in which it obstructs Muslim people from practicing their religion in prison and prevents them from accessing vital services.

At Clinks, Lauren also led on research into the voluntary sector working in criminal justice. She also worked to influence policy development in justice and advocate for the voluntary sector and those they support. Before that she worked with the Prison Reform Trust supporting with projects aiming to reduce the use of imprisonment against women.