Maryam Abdullah

Project Manager

Maryam is a Project Manager at Maslaha, working on the Muslim Girls Fence Project. She studied Literature at undergraduate level, and has an MA in Postcolonial and Global Literatures from Queen Mary University. Her research explores the category of ‘religion’, its separation from ‘philosophy’, how and why non-western philosophy is understood as 'religion' rather than 'philosophy', and the British colonial involvement in producing this division. She’s interested in engaging more with traditions of knowledge/’religions’/spiritual traditions around the globe as a means of moving beyond eurocentric thought.


Maryam also spearheads the London group of the international book club #BecauseWeveRead, and hosts regular book clubs at Rich Mix on topics such as colonialism, racism, gender and global politics. The aim being to take these conversations out of elite spaces, and make them more accessible - both in terms of language and space - to local community members.  


She is also a Coordinator for the Newham Word Festival, supporting young people to produce events and bring to the fore conversations that are important to them. She’s delivered workshops for young people in schools, facilitating discussions on decolonisation, eurocentrism and knowledge production.