Girl Behind a Sheet

Sahra Mohamed

Head of Delivery

Sahra is Head of Delivery at Maslaha.

Before joining Maslaha, she worked in the pharmaceutical industry for four years. During this period, Sahra specialised in stakeholder engagement and management, whereby she developed strategic recommendations and insights for pharmaceutical companies to inform their global relationships and policies.

Sahra also has a background in social policy and advocacy. Most notably, she led the manifesto development and parliamentary launch at the House of Commons for ‘Embracing Complexity’, a coalition of neuro-developmental charities, alongside Matt Hancock, former Secretary of State for Health and Social Care. The coalition continues to expand, with over 60 members at present, including charities, research bodies, Royal Colleges, and social enterprises.

In previous roles, Sahra has delivered creative and educational workshops and projects in secondary schools and community centres across East London.

She is also a Trustee at Home Girls Unite, a support group and platform for eldest immigrant daughters, where she works to challenge the conditions that create inequalities for girls and women in marginalised communities.

Alongside this, Sahra is also an Aziz Foundation Scholar and Young Muslim Leadership Programme (YMLP) Alumni, with a BSc in Pharmacology & Physiology and a MSc in Drug Discovery & Pharma Management from UCL.