Girl Behind a Sheet

Shaheen Kasmani

Senior Project Manager

Shaheen is a senior project manager at Maslaha, leading on Muslim Girls Fence. Shaheen has a background in literature and language, and before joining the Maslaha team, Shaheen taught English in a large North London Secondary School, and completed her MA in Visual Islamic Traditional Arts. Shaheen is also a visual artists specialising in Islamic Art using paper and textiles, principally using traditional patterns and motifs, in both conventional and contemporary contexts, and aims for her work to be part of telling a story, and reclaiming narratives. Shaheen has exhibited and taught Islamic art all over the UK and in Europe. 

Shaheen also co-curated the internationally acclaimed The Past is Now exhibition which ran at Birmingham Museum in 2017-2018, and has worked with museums and art galleries, and produced a number of events, festivals and exhibitions.