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Sameer Rahim

Sameer Rahim

Arts and Books Editor of Prospect Magazine

Sameer is currently working as the Arts and Books Editor of Prospect Magazine. Before that he worked at the Books Desk of the Daily Telegraph, writing and commissioning in a number of areas including fiction and poetry. Sameer has been a judge of the Forward Prize for poetry and the Orwell Prize for non-fiction. His career started out at the London Review of Books, in 2005, where he wrote a number of feature pieces, including one about the British Muslim response to the 7/7 attacks.

Sameer has a strong interest in the Middle East. In 2006, he spent six months at Damascus University studying Arabic. In the autumn of 2016, he visited a refugee camp in Lebanon where he interviewed Syrians about their experiences of war. In 2013 he won a William Hazlitt Prize for an 8,000-word essay on new academic theories about the early origins of Islam, entitled “The Shadow of the Sword.”

As well as reviewing books, he has written extensively about art and music. Sameer has a broad range of cultural interests, many of which he documents on his Prospect blog. As an editor, he commissions pieces on foreign affairs and philosophy as well as the arts. This year he plans to start learning Persian.

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