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About us

Maslaha translates from Arabic as ‘for the common good’, and this principle is fundamental to all of our work. 

Our projects bring together a wide range of voices across generations, sectors, professions and cultures. We want to create a society where there is a better understanding of diversity and difference, and where Islam becomes synonymous with social justice, compassion, and creativity.

Maslaha tackles the most pressing social issues affecting Muslim communities and creates a greater understanding of Islam from a cultural and historical perspective.

Muslim communities suffer higher than average inequalities in areas such as health, education, housing, and employment. Our work targets these inequalities. It also challenges stereotypes and misconceptions about Islam among Muslim and non-Muslim communities.

Our impact is greater because we form unique partnerships which then create new solutions local, nationally and internationally. By using faith publicly as a positive tool at a time when Islam is viewed negatively, we are changing the way the religion is understood by all communities.


Our Strategy

  • Educating and empowering Muslim communities 
  • Representing fair, accurate and balanced voices in constructive debate
  • Creating an understanding of Islamic history and culture including pluralism
  • Educating public service providers and wider society
  • Influencing systemic change and replicating local success at a national level
  • Building a well-functioning organisation with financial and organisational sustainability

Maslaha’s vision: Everything connects

We combine creative technology (such as film, animation, music and a strong online presence) with everyday action and engagement, finding new ways to connect and communicate.

We believe access to knowledge is fundamental – without it we cannot learn, improve our lives, or understand the lives of others. We use this approach to work towards addressing inequalities in health and education, and to enable a wide range of stories to be told – of everyday life, of extraordinary people, and of historical figures and places.

Maslaha started as a Young Foundation project and continues its strong tradition of social innovation – combining creativity and entrepreneurship to tackle major social needs.   Our ideas are fuelled by our wide range of skills, and are backed up by the intellectual rigour and expertise provided by our network of advisors, supporters and friends.

Our Mission

We are working to: 

  • Empower Muslim communities by raising the profile and amplifying a range of diverse voices; facilitating relations between users and service providers and decision makers; and through workshops and projects with young people.
  • Address social disadvantage and inequalities in health, education and other sectors by producing dynamic resources which educate, inspire, and have a resonance with their target audience; and by influencing policy both through advocacy and by connecting communities with decision makers.
  • Challenge misconceptions and prejudice about what it means to be Muslim: We use a range of media to break down barriers and enable inspiring stories to be told.  These are stories of everyday life, extraordinary people, and shared history. By opening up spaces to ask questions and challenge perceptions, we hope to increase understanding of Islam and its contribution to society in a broader context.

Maslaha: The website

Our website opens up a space to ask questions and share knowledge, as well as addressing significant social issues by working closely with communities and public services in areas such as health and education.

  • Islamic Answers section provides somewhere to look up answers to questions raised by the Muslim community on issues related to daily life, with the help of leading scholars and academics. This section deals with some of the issues that have come up in conversations with young people, and continues to grow to cover more topics
  • Untold Islam explores the trade in ideas, inventions and innovations across geographic boundaries and demonstrates the role Islam and Muslims have played in all areas of society including science and the arts, featuring essays, slide shows, and films
  • The Projects section gives more information about each of our projects in health, education, exhibitions and empowering women. 

For further information on our practical work, visit What's Happening.

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