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Maslaha has a longstanding commitment to challenge the conditions that create inequalities, barriers and oppression for women in society. Our primary focus is on the challenges facing Muslim girls and women, ranging from the complex discrimination that arises based on the intersections between faith, race, gender (and other identities,) rising Islamophobia, misogynist readings of religion and endemic negative and oppressive media stereotyping of Muslim women. 

Our project I Can Be She, a creative initiative challenging stereotypes among Muslim girls and young women, was launched in 2011. In 2014 we developed a digital education resource, Islam and Feminism, exploring perspectives around Islam and feminism in an accessible and interactive way. In 2016 we launched our Muslim Girl Fence project which challenges stereotypes and builds resilience among Muslim girls and women through the sport of fencing.


We have always applied and adapted our tools and approaches to the experiences of women and girls from all walks of life. We deliver one-off and bespoke workshops to schools, universities, community groups and public services across a range of areas including the intersection between faith and gender, consent, gender-based violence, gender stereotyping and cultural competency in working with Muslim and other minority ethnic women and girls. We are always happy to discuss workshop ideas and proposals.

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