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What's happening

There's plenty going on at Maslaha and we're working on a range of projects...

Some project highlights:


Award winning health resources which address health inequalities in Muslim communities by providing information in a way that resonates with everyday life and thinking, bringing together medical and Islamic advice.  These resources are used by health practitioners and distributed in the community to raise awareness of the specified issue, e.g. how to live a healthy lifestyle if you have diabetes.  Maslaha has won awards from the London Health Commission, based at London City Hall, and Diabetes UK for these resources, which have also been presented as an example of good practice at international events.


Working closely with teachers and schools to provide curriculum resources showing the contribution of Islam and Muslims to many subjects.  We have been working with Mulberry School for Girls in Tower Hamlets to build an online resource.


Exciting exhibitions highlighting the constant influence and sharing of ideas that has occurred between societies and individuals. Our first exhibition - ‘Evliya Celebi: Book of Travels’ – which opened last year in Bethnal Green library, has been viewed by over 25,000 people online from over 129 different countries, and is now touring internationally. In February 2012 we completed our next exhibition with the British Council - 'The City Speaks' - which will travel to multiple cities across eight European countries in 2012 and 2013.


A pioneering project which seeks to empower Muslim women, and change the ways in which society perceives them. This project is centred around an online resource which explores the role Muslim women have played through history in parallel with the powerful achievements of Muslim female role models today, and a campaign to empower young Muslim women. Other components include: an exhibitions series and workshops with young people.


Maslaha has been funded to develop a toolkit that very practically illustrates our approach to tackling social issues affecting disadvantaged communities on an international scale. We are working with a partner in Paris to develop a pilot project which will target a group of young women from diverse backgrounds and aims to build confidence and raise aspirations.

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There's plenty going on in Maslaha and we're working on a range of projects in health and education.