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Amena Amer

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Amena Amer

Amena is a project co-ordinator at Maslaha, developing and delivering workshops in schools and communities as part of the Muslim Girls Fence project. 

Amena is a fourth year PhD student at the Department of Psychological and Behavioural Science, London School of Economics, where she also teaches first year undergraduates.

Her research focuses on the effects of the racialisation of Islam on the construction, negotiation and performance of identities among ethnically white Muslims in the UK. More generally, her research interests include identity, religion, agency, power and societal change, with a particular focus on religious and ethnic identities.

She has experience leading research projects exploring the barriers faced by Muslims in the workplace, as well as working on other projects on islamophobia and racism in Europe.

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Amena is a Project Co-ordinator at Maslaha