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Untold Islam


Untold Islam explores the trade in ideas, inventions and innovations across geographic boundaries, and demonstrates the role Islam and Muslims have played in areas of society including science, commerce, mathematics, philosophy, the arts and architecture.

The Need 

The online collection exhibits extraordinary contributions Muslims have made to societal developments, many of which we are very reliant on in the modern day. The aim of this collection is to counteract and break down negative representations of Muslims, which are presented in the creative and cultural industries today; allowing for a platform of revolutionary ideas and concepts generated by Muslim scientists, architects, mathematicians, creatives, and the like.

What We Did 

The Untold Islam site is split into four sections; Glossary; Features; Ideas and Inventions; and In Depth. The glossary leads us through various Islamic terms and their meaning, and the other three sections dive into various disciplinary research and analysis that was conducted by influential Muslim scholars, but often left out of common literature for that discipline.

For example, in Features you can find stories of leading Islamic philosophers, sociologists and historians. In Ideas and Inventions, you will come across an in-depth history of inventions we use today, all of which have substantial influence from the Islamic world. In Depth provides Islamic stories and scholarly insight on cultural and religious practices.


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