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Girl Behind a Sheet

Allia Fredericks

Senior Project Manager

Allia is the Senior Project Manager on the Muslim Girls Fence Programme at Maslaha.

Before joining the Maslaha team, Allia has worked in community and youth work. She has a background of working in grassroot organisations with young women and girls, refugee and migrant youth, LGBTQ+ young people. As well as working in CAMHS and leading a Youth steering group campaigning for shared decisions within healthcare and the NHS. She has worked in capacity building within the voluntary and youth sector to create youth-led decision-making structures within organisations to amplify and embed young people at every level of decision making.

Allia is passionate and organises around the climate and migrant movements, working with refugee and migrant led youth theatres. She is a London National Park City Ranger, a movement to make London the world’s first National Park City where people, places and nature are better connected. Working in local communities to tackle the climate and ecological crisis and improve access to green and blue spaces.

Alongside this, Allia has a BA in History from the University of Sussex and a MA in Applied Anthropology, Community Development and Youth Work from Goldsmiths University through the Aziz Foundation scholarship.

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