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Maslaha seeks to change and challenge the conditions that create inequalities for Muslim communities in areas such as education, gender, criminal justice, health, negative media coverage and a continued climate of Islamophobia. We understand deeply how this context can leave individuals and communities suffering and unable to realise their full potential.


Our work is practical and rooted in local communities but with a reach that is national and international, and with a view to influencing policy and the public imagination.


We recognise and rely on the knowledge and expertise that exists in the communities that we work with and the power this has to create change across society.



"Maslaha gave me an amazing opportunity to contribute and begin trying to make a difference. It changed my perspective of things and likewise the perspective of my school."


—  Canan Iscan, Participant at Question Time 'One Billion Rising' Event in the Houses of Parliament, February 2013

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